Matthieu Amiguet

Bienvenue sur mon petit coin de web! J’y parle de musique, d’informatique et plus généralement de ce qui me plaît, m’énerve ou m’intéresse.

The 'Harpejji Solo' project

For various reasons this site has been mostly dormant recently, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve been doing nothing! Among others, after having played mostly accompaniment on the harpejji for years, I decided to explore more what can be done with the instrument in a solo setting. (This exploration has been partly supported by a grant offered by the City of Neuchâtel, many thanks for that!) I did not document my research on this website, but I did write about it on the website of Les Chemins de Traverse. v3.0!

J’ai créé ce site en 2009 à l’aide de MODx, puis je l’ai migré à un CMS fait sur mesure en Django en 2011. Treize ans plus tard, voici une nouvelle version créée en utilisant le générateur de site statique Hugo.

PyConDE 2024

This is a companion post to my PyConDE 2024 talk Replacing Callbacks with Generators: A Case Study in Computer-Assisted Live Music to provide some context and additional information.

rpi as a DIY fx pedal

My experience trying to use the raspberry pi as a DIY FX box.

Wifi Client Mode for Mugic

Getting the mugic into so-called “wifi client mode” turned up to be a little bit more difficult than I’d expected… but finally it works!

Linux USB audio latency reduction

A magical kernel update dropped the audio latency of my gigging machine in a very spectacular way.

Linux: on-the-fly QR code generation

A quick-and-dirty hack to quickly generate QR codes on the fly using the clipboard on Linux.

Bye bye, rt-kernel!

Until recently, I was convinced that it was still necessary to install an rt-patched kernel for making low-latency sound processing on Linux…

Harpejji hand independance

This is the fourth in a series of articles about harpejji technique. The first one was about major scales and the second and third ones were about right hand jazz voicings. This time, let’s talk about hand independence! Of course, if you’ve been playing the piano before, hand independence is probably not the greatest challenge when picking up the harpejji. However, if you’ve been playing a melodic instrument or if harpejji is your first musical instrument, you’ll probably need to develop this skill (at least it was the case for me!

Harpejji tabs editor

Harpejjitabs, the new tablature editor for the harpejji, is available online!