Harpejjitabs, the online harpejji tablature editor

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When writing articles about harpejji technique, I spent a considerable time to hand design tablatures to illustrate the fingerings I was suggesting (Actually I didn’t do it all by hand, I was using a small python script to generate svg images, but the process was still cumbersome and time consuming).

That’s why I contacted the Technical University HE-Arc to see if a student could develop something as part of his curriculum. That’s how Nicolas Laoun ended up developing an online harpejji tablature editor.

He actually did an amazing job and the resulting editor is available here. It was developed as a free software in javascript with vue.js and the full code is available on github.

It can do basic tablatures:

C minor tablature

Optionally add colors and/or string and fret numbers:

C minor tablature

There’s even an experimental notation for two-handed tablatures:

C minor tablature

Additionally, the editor can play notes when touched, export to png or svg, and has a handful of other neat features. Try it yourself, it’s easy to use and works beautifully!

I hope this new tool will help the harpejji community share knowledge and develop a set of basic techniques to help beginners approach this new instrument!