Talk about Python for Live Music (Swiss Python Summit 2016)

#Linux #Musique #Python #Son et vidéo #Flûte #Pyo

Last week I had the honor and pleasure to give a talk at the first Swiss Python Summit.

At Les Chemins de Traverse we explore ways of “augmenting” acoustical musical instruments with new possibilities offered by computers. If you are curious about why and how we use python for building our realtime, low-latency audio systems, here is the video of the talk (and the slides are here):

I’d like to thank the Swiss Python Summit Team for their great work. The program was very nice, showing a lot of different aspects of the language and its uses; everything went very smoothly before and during the conference… and they even begin to publish videos of the talks less than one week after the summit is over. Impressive!

So this first edition of the Swiss Python Summit was a complete success and I’m already looking forward to the next one!